The Matt Palmer Trust is proud to support many great organisations and projects both in the UK and Ireland.

Here's a list of those organisations and the grant funds issued in 2015:

Maytree Respite Centre (£2,500) - Nov 2015
£2,500 to assist Maytree in continuing its suicide prevention work and support for those in suicide crisis. Their service is an alternative to medical interventions such as emergency A&E or admittance to psychiatric hospital wards where sectioning of the suicidal is commonplace. At Maytree, guests can instead be supported through compassionate befriending from their highly trained staff and volunteer support. 
Maytree reported on the BBC

Samaritans Ireland (€1,500) - Nov 2015
A 2nd grant of €1,500 provided to fund one of the 20 branches of the Samaritans across Ireland.

SeeChange (€1,500) - Nov 2015
A 2nd grant of €1,500 donated to support their work through the ‘National Stigma Reduction Partnership’ to bring about positive change in public attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems.

Mind Our Men (€1,500) - Nov 2015
A 2nd grant issued of €1,500 towards this project in Ireland aimed at raising awareness of depression to help reduce the rate of male suicide.

Parenting NI (£2,000) - Nov 2015
Issued to provide 2x Parents Positive Mental Health programmes for men, supporting twenty dads with depression.

Washington Mind (£5,000) - Apr 2015
A Life Worth Living Suicide Prevention conference with a focus upon men’s mental wellbeing in the workplace and suicide prevention. Aimed at employers across the city; both large and small businesses. As well as providing 6 ‘a life worth living’ training sessions in local workplaces.

West Norfolk Mind (£5,000) - Apr 2015
Enabled one member of West Norfolk Mind staff to complete the Grassroots Suicide Prevention programme and to deliver 10 courses free to staff from local voluntary organisations, businesses and schools.

Bath Mind (£2,360) - Apr 2015
​Granted to support the cost of the ‘Mindfulness’ course to people who have mild to moderate depression and as a consequence are on long term sick leave or struggling at work. Studies have shown that mindfulness can cut the recurrence of depression by 50%. Funding from the Matt Palmer Trust covers the cost of 8 individuals receiving this training course and learning techniques that help handle the triggers and symptoms of their depression.

Voluntary Action Broxtowe (£3,000) - Apr 2015
Granted to support a project called ‘Move it’. This initiative supplies free transport access in a male voluntary working environment and is designed to act as the first step back to a self sufficient life after suffering from mental illness.

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