Grants 2016

The Matt Palmer Trust is proud to support many great organisations and projects both in the UK and Ireland.

Here's a list of those organisations and the grant funds issued in 2016:

Maytree Respite Centre (£2,500) – Feb 2016
to assist Maytree in continuing its suicide prevention work and support for those in suicide crisis. Their service is an alternative to medical interventions such as emergency A&E or admittance to psychiatric hospital wards where sectioning of the suicidal is commonplace. At Maytree, guests can instead be supported through compassionate befriending from their highly trained staff and volunteer support. For more information about Maytree this BBC news article:

Tilehouse Counselling: (£3,000) – Aug 2016
This community based, professional counselling service that has been providing individual counselling for vulnerable, socially excluded people in North Hertfordshire for over twenty years. The Matt Palmer Trust has issued a grant to help fund a new initiative targeted at vulnerable men. The hope is that by engaging in sustained weekly counselling, there will be men who: experience significant improvements in their mental and emotional health.

Wiltshire Mind: (£1,600) – Aug 2016
Back in December we issued a grant to this organisation to fund a six-month pilot project for a “Men Only Group” to help men in their recovery from mental health issues. We’re very proud to announce that the project has so far been a great success, receiving some excellent feedback from participants. As a result, The MPT has issued a further £1,600 to cover a further 3 months’ costs. Here’s some of the feedback so far.

“It’s good to talk about the things you experience and realise you are not alone.”

“I really look forward to the weekly sessions – good to know you can say what is really going on for you”

“When I leave the sessions I feel like I’m floating – like a weight has been lifted”

“The time goes very quickly - I’ve learned a lot about myself by sharing my thoughts and feelings with others”

“The people in the group are supportive and helpful"

Mind Our Men: (€1,500) – Dec 2016
A 3rd grant was donated towards this project in Ireland aimed at raising awareness of depression to help reduce the rate of male suicide.

SeeChange: (€1,500) – Dec 2016
A 3rd grant 0 donated to support their work through the‘National Stigma Reduction Partnership’ to bring about positive change in public attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems.

Samaritans Ireland: (€1,500) – Dec 2016
A 3rd grant provided to fund one of the 20 branches of the Samaritans across Ireland.