Mental Health Awareness Day @ Coventry vs Sunderland (29/09/18)
The Matt Palmer Trust joined forces with Coventry City FC, and several other mental health charities, to promote mental health awareness at their televised game against Sunderland FC.

The Matt Palmer Trust stood side by side with like minded organisations, 'It takes balls to talk', The Heera Foundation and the Recovery & Wellbeing Academy, in delivering positive messages to fans.

Even Rob Beckett made an appearance!

​​We'd like to thank everyone involved, especially Chairman Tim Fisher & Health Manager Nathan Isom for making this possible.

​Fourth Gym Opens @ Kings George's Field in Selhurst (15/09/18)
We're proud to announce that the fourth outdoor gym has been successfully launched in Kings George's Field, Selhurst, Croydon.

​Working in conjunction with Croydon Council, Wickstead, local councillors and Fields in Trust, this is the 4th of 5 outdoor gyms planned for South London and funded by the Matt Palmer Trust.

We hope that this free to access, and state of the art, outdoor gym equipment will help improve both the physical and mental well-being of the local communities; and help make a difference to peoples lives.

It was great to see on the day that local residents again were already using the equipment before it officially launched and speaking with them they expressed their delight about having such great equipment to use without the cost of paying a gym membership.

With national and local funding at an all time low, collaborative projects such as this continue to help raise awareness of mental health issues and help improve people's lives in our local communities.

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