Matt Palmer

Our friend Matt

Excerpts from the tribute to Matt Palmer written by Luke Davis

"The day I became one of Matt’s best friends was on 3rd September 1996. I remember the day well as it was his first day of starting A-Levels at Hayes School and I had decided to do an extra year at school to go to the University I wanted. I knew Matt as being the clumsy but ridiculously good at sport brother of Jon, who was in my year. I was extremely worried about the decision and as I walked into a classroom of familiar strangers, Matt, without hesitation, called me over to sit next to him. He instantly made me feel welcome and at home. Any fears I had vanished instantly. That was always the way Matt would make me feel every time.

"Being the life and soul and such a positive spirit I don’t think everyone knew that Matt had his first panic attacks about 10 years ago before joining Fast Bikes. He researched tirelessly about coping with depression and building self-esteem which allowed him to cope with any future blips. It is a credit to Matt, his winning attitude and the incredibly positive life that he had created for himself that he was able to beat and suppress his demons until very recently. Sadly the last event he was to manage was the trigger that tipped him over and caused him trouble on this occasion that he could not overcome.

"Matt was universally loved by everyone and universally loved us back. As a son, I saw so much of Nigel and Jan in him and it is plain to see how proud of him they were. As a brother, he always looked up to Jon and was always there for him when needed. He was a doting Uncle, a proud grandson and to the rest of us the most incredible friend.

"Matt leaves me with a massive “Palmy D” sized whole missing in my life that can only be filled by him."

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